What you should need to know of the page.

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to those who are new to this page, welcome. happy you are here. 

the scarcity of old davao images on the net made me frustrated, and envious of other cities. so i thought, hmm, why not request it from dabawenyos themselves, there should a treasure trove of photos out there. hence this page. this page’s intention is to become a repository, and advocacy as well for the remaining old or historical structures we have left in davao. we don’t own the rights to these images/photos, credit where due. 

while we take effort to cite credits and sources as a matter of credence, it is also courtesy’s sake that we have to include it. while we may have missed to cite credits on some photos/images here, we welcome notes and comments to include sources. we welcome sharing of materials here. our only request is credits, why, most materials here are subject to copyrights and ownerships. not that we claim them as our own or to boost pride. we have to cite credits and sources as a matter of courtesy plain and simple. if somebody shares something from their family albums, we welcome, thank and cite that for it is not an easy thing to do due to privacy concerns. if it is public domain, we still have to, because it is not ours in the first place. while anything found on the net is fair game, or doubtful in matters of ownership, we suggest if they are, take them with a grain of salt. at the end of the day, credits and sources still are the best way to prove the authenticity of any material we use. if other members are contributing them to other pages, please include instructions that supplied credits and captions must be used strictly for we are accountable to the owners for any violations of use and that we don’t allow watermarks to be placed over them.

we accept contributions on OLD davao (photos, video, books or websites. cut-off for old photos is 2000 (meaning december 31, 1999, midnight). it also means, not NEW photos of OLD structures. there is a huge difference in that. anything that is not in that criteria will be taken down. we discourage making fun, insults, degrading remarks on old photos (because they could your or anybody ancestor/s here). while we allow funny comments, what we discourage are funny for the sake to degrade any community, groups, tribes, etc.
also discouraged are business postings or trying to promote your business interests here, and for sure it will be taken out, and those posting it, an outright ban here, no questions asked. in all earnest we want this page clean and just old davao (city and province) -related, whether old photos, stories, videos or, links, blogs, or even notes. no more no less. if you contributing photos, we would appreciate it that you choose a few (maybe 1 or 2 of the subject) and the best. it is our prerogative to only include what seem fit in the albums. please supply captions (year and date, location and event).

if you are looking for some photos, either scour them in individual albums grouped chronologically. we have spent much of our time scouring them on the net or soliciting other members and posting them here. we would appreciate if there are pictures you are looking for, that you look for them yourself. as students of history, the journey (or the search) is always the reward, finding them the bonus.

while this page has no pretensions of being an academic equivalent, we try our best to look for resources on davao history. also, we avoid putting judgment (for a lot factors involved in politics maybe on play) on any particular issue except for advocacy.

lastly, we’d love to make advocacy part of this page. an advocacy to preserving our heritage structures. we are fast losing them to fire, neglect, and yes, even progress. please contact your councillors to help us in this advocacy. at the rate we are losing them to the above reasons, i don’t think we will have something worth showing our kids in the days ahead.

helping are co-admins here – angkol j, mark, cham, dana and dom. and maintenance of this page wouldn’t be possible without them. for inquiries, drop us a message or just post them on the wall. thanks for making this page a part of your day.

paul, davao of the past page owner and creator