Davao City Hall.

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First photo: thanks to Denise Arquiza

All photos, credit to the the owners, whether ebayfind or contributed.
Various circa from 1920s to 90s.

Another iconic building the has symbolized the city through the years, the Davao City Hall. While buildings around it has changed, this has stayed faithful in all those times. The only changed it experienced was the addition of the annex behind it. It saw the celebration of the birthday of the city when the charter was signed, suffered shots and destruction during the war, witnessed the changes around it. What is funny is, one picture mislabelled it as Manila when evidently is was what it was, the Davao City Hall. It started off as a municipal hall then later graduated as a city hall upon the signing of the charter. What makes it different from all other government and city buildings is, it is the character and symbol of the city, it is the center of the city where it is kilometer 0 and the start of road markers. Ask anybody, any Dabawenyo can’t point you without batting an eyelash. It is where the true seat of power, the lifeblood of the city.


Manuel Quezon signing the charter declaring the Davao as a city, March 1936. Romualdo Quimpo as the first elected Assemblyman of Davao City. He was one who declared Davao as a chartered city. Thanks to Randy Quimpo.